Mondain Amsterdam, founded in 2014, is an Amsterdam based sneakerlabel. All the products are designed by professional models and handmade by our atelier in Portugal.

As a model we travel the entire world and we see a lot of different areas and cultures. During the jobs for all kinds of brands we discovered that none of the brands had shoes from high quality and when they had, the shoes were really high priced.

We started to design shoes by our own with a fine team of designers. Mondain Amsterdam wants to design a shoe that is made from the hiqhest quality for an affordable price. The first collection has been launched in April 2015 and our mission is to improve our product every time, so we can bring you the best shoes.

Nowadays our collection consists out of the best sneakers for men & women in a big variety of colors and models. All of our shoes are handmade by our atelier in Portugal and are produced with the finest care. Our suppliers have used the finest Italian materials to make the shoe and you look extraordinary.

Thank you!

– Mondain Amsterdam –

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