Mondain Amsterdam – In 2014, 3 friends weren’t able to find the perfect sneaker. So we decided to start making drawings and develop the perfect sneaker by ourselves. Knowing quality shoes are made in Europe. We decided to produce close by home. Living in Amsterdam, we’ve decided to choose our head office in here. After several sourcing trips throughout Italy, Spain, Portugal and some other countries, we decided to start our first production in Portugal. Portugal is well known for making top quality sneakers.
Our #1 priority was; quality. We wanted to create a sneaker by using the best materials and to create the best comfort. After some research we’ve found out that Italy still has the best premium leathers available. Which we still use for the upper materials of our sneakers. There are various ways of producing sneakers, we’ve found the best way to produce the most comfortable yet, luxury way of sneakers.

For us, a sneaker is not only for wearing underneath your favorite jeans. But also for any other occasion, like going to your office or attending on a wedding. In the past people went to their offices with black – or dark brown brogues or classic loafers. Our shoes perfectly fit underneath a suit or classy outfit, which will still give you that neath and sophisticated look. Casual Friday suddenly turns in a casual week with our shoes.
Nowadays we sell our products in multiple stores and you can found our products in more than 60 countries all over the world.

See your shoes as your best friends and treat them as your friends. Why? Because they take you safely to the best places to make the best stories. That’s why we created the Pablo Collection. This is our never out of stock sell, we sell them in several colors to have the best colour for everyone. We’ve noticed that our customers keep buying them, because we keep on improving our bestsellers and upcoming new sneakers.

How to take care of your best friends? – On our website we’ve an exclusive page to give you the best tips to keep them nice and clean. Just like your human best friends.

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Team Mondain