Crayon Grey - Low top sneaker - grey luxurious sneaker
Crayon Grey - Low top sneaker - grey luxurious sneaker

Crayon Grey


Crayon Grey
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The newest in our footwear collection! The Crayon Grey – Low Top sneaker in full nubuck leather with a ultra-white volcanic sole. Fully lined in the best cowskin leather. We have made an unique insole that gives you the best feeling during the day. Equipped with cushioned footbed and arch support for maximum comfort.

Generic: 100%
Cowskin Lining: 100%
Leather: Light Grey Nubuck Leather
Sole: 100% Rubber – Ultra White
Colour: Grey

Handmade in Portugal. (EU)

Low Top – Crayon Grey Sneaker

Crayon Grey is a neat Low-top Nubuck Grey Sneaker. Grey Nubuck sneakers are very popular to wear beneath blue jeans, chino or trousers. This new grey nubuck leather sneaker is a Mondain signature shoe. It has has a clean design due to no big brand mark or name on the shoe.

In Amsterdam one of the most popular colors for sneakers are black, white and grey. To get in line with this trend we wanted a signature Mondain sneaker that fits our style. This cool sneaker is a real wardrobe essential.

Mondain is an Amsterdam footwear brand that has Dutch designs made of Italian leather. Every sneaker is available online or in a dutch shoe store.

What is a Low top sneaker?

A Low-top sneaker like our Crayon Grey is a sneaker that has a lower cut by the ankle. It is normally worn with low socks. Because of the leather material this shoe suitable for winter and summer. Grey is a neutral color and therefor timeless, when you treat the shoe with wax spray once a month and use shoe trees to keep the form, these shoes can last a long time.

Crayon Grey – Nubuck Sneaker

Crayon grey has a luxurious appearance because it is made of nubuck leather. Nubuck leather is a stronger material than plastic and lasts much longer when properly maintained. Nubuck leather is made from animals and is a natural product, making it much more expensive than plastic. Just like our other shoes, our sneaker is handmade by our own specialists in our workshop in Portugal.

Order your pair of sneakers!

The stock of the Crayon Grey is limited. Every month we get a new shipment and it’s sold out very fast. Get your shoe while you can or send an email so we can reserve a pair specially for you.

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